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  The Wildlife Art of David Stribbling


These pages represent a selection of the paintings I have done over the last couple of years. All are sold but they are a good example of the kind of work I have been producing. To view more paintings please visit the prints page. As new paintings become available they are previewed on the homepage.


Zebras and Foal

Original oil painting on canvas, size 18x24"



This is one of my recent oil paintings and with all the current doom and gloom, hopefully this painting will have an uplifting effect on those that see it. It doesn't really need any explanation but it certainly had a most uplifting effect on me as I painted it and I hope it works the same magic on others.



Gallery 1, 2, 3


tiger oil painting

Siberian Tiger. 16x20"


elephant art by wildlife artist David Stribbling

African Elephant. 20x24"


Jaguar, Soth American big cat. Original art

Jaguar. 16x20"


Bongo, African Antelope. Original painting

Bongo. 12x16"

leopard oil painting wildlife art

Leopard. 18x24"


tiger art

Bengal Tiger. 18x24"


Bengal Tiger. 16x20"

African wild dog, painted dog

African Wild Dog. 12x16"

rhino wildlife painting

leopard wildlife painting

Amur Leopard, 12x16"


snow leopard art

Snow Leopard. 12x16"


tiger cub by UK wildlife artist

Siberian Tiger Cub, 18x24"


giraffe by UK wildlife artist

Young Giraffe, 12x16"


tiger by UK wildlife artist

Tiger, 12x16"


lioness art

Lioness, 18x24"



Siberian Tiger. 16x20"


Kodiak Bear

Kodiak Bear. 18x24"




Zebra. 16x20"


snow leopard original art

Snow Leopard. 16x20"


tiger cubs, original wildlife art

Siberian Tigerb Cubs. 16x20"


white tiger oil painting

White Tiger. 12x14"


wolf oil painting

Timber Wolf. 20x24"


zebras, oil painting African Safari

Zebras. 16x20"


tiger animal painting

Bengal Tiger. 24x36"


Gallery 1, 2, 3

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