I'm too excited so I will just tell you now!
I got a new job!!!
I had an interview with this place last week but didnt tell anyone because I really didnt think I would get it, they told me they would ring me this morning and let me know if I got through to a 2nd interview and they just rang me before and said they didnt need to see me again and offered me the job!
It's a massive company, they have homewares, furnishings, underwear, electricals, toys, jewellery and they supply to places like John Lewis, Selfridges, Matalan, Tesco, Asda etc.
I'v been offered Buying Assistant for Homewares on £17k...not loads of money but i know theres definitely the opportunity for me to move up there, they re-assess your salary twice a year.... and its working with products i really like!
They told me at my interview that within a year I could be promoted and then i get sent with the other buyers to Hong Kong for three months of the year to research new products, bring prototypes back and present to the designers, drangons den stylee!! I could really see myself staying there a long time.
They also have offices in Belgium too!
You really get to pretty much invent new products and develop them with the design team like proper buyers do as opposed to the more admin based stuff I'm doing now...I'm very excited!!! :)
I start on the 4th Jan, just waiting for them to send me through my contract to sign, then I'm going to hand my notice in here tomorrow.....i will be the 8th person to hand my notice in the last 3 weeks so they ain't guna be happy!!!
The job is in Chadderton in Oldam so its not quite as convenient as this one but it only took half an hour with rush hour traffic when i went last week....the other temporary buyer I work with here has had an interview for the same place but a different role and she finds out this week too so we could be working together again!



This is David ....the company is Ultimate Products LTD, you can see the website here:

http://www.ultimate-products.co.uk/ it seems they design and manufacture new product lines, kitchenware, electrical, all sorts. They have just got Gino from the jungle on board and designed and developed his cookware range. They have a massive place in Hong Kong, I assume all the designing and developing is done over here and then manufacture4d in Hong Kong.

Speak to you later xxx