Hello David,

                   Thank you for getting in touch, i'm sorry to hear that Rachel is in hospital and i hope she will be well again soon.

 Please don't worry about getting the tiger print posted, as i am in no great hurry for it and would sooner you wait until Rachel has fully recovered.

Just to let you know that the Fox print No. 1 of 25, of your prints, arrived this morning in perfect order. My wife and i are absolutely delighted with it, thank you. I have also left positive feedback for you.

I already have one of Sarahs' prints of a Serval, now one of your's and one of Rachels'. I think you and both your daughters all have an unsurpassed gift.

Would you please tell Rachel i think the detail in the eyes on the tiger print is incredible, it's as if the real tiger were looking at you. 

I hope one day to be able to purchase at least one of each of your oil paintings but deciding which ones would be the most difficult because as with all your prints and paintings, just when you think you've decided, the next one you see takes your breath away yet again.

Please give Rachel my kindest wishes.


                                                             Best wishes to you all,
                                                                   Tom Robertson.