"Congratulations on your beautiful work!" - Dominique Einhorn 15/5/98

 " I am also an artist - mostly pen & ink. I do have to tell you that your artwork is great! I love detail in my work too. I have to ask you - where do you get your subjects from? photographs? magazines? " - Melissa 16/9/98

" You are a very talented artist of that there can be no doubt. I have a friend who is very good at drawing, his name is Duke Stribbling. I was wondering if he is any relation to you. He leaves in Thamesmead, London." - Tracy 17/9/98

 "I've looked through your work and its great. I do painting of animals too. Mostly horses. I also like to paint old barns,sheds etc." - Debbie Nolan 10/9/98

 "Your Paintings are beautiful. Do you have a catalogue and price list you could send me" - Pauline Bridgeman 20/10/98

 "I'm creating an animal conservation web site. I was wondering if I could use some of your paintings (particularly leopards)to illustrate it." Lesley 24/10/98

" Hello, I am a beginner as far as painting goes and 36 with three children.I work a full time job and don't get much time to paint. I have been drawing animals since I was in elementary school.I love your wildlife paintings and hope some day that my dream to paint wildlife as good as you do will come true do you have any pointers as to the best way to get started. I have attached a white cat that I painted . Any suggestions would be appreciated! ." - Debbie Clemons. ..... Click here to see Debbie's cat. Debbie is looking for an instructional video on wildlife painting. Can anyone help?

" Ohmigod! Your work is fabulous! I've only been painting animals for about 3 years - your work is an inspiration and a goal for me" - Sondra Kay Neiman. Take a look at Sondra's site at: http://members.tripod.com/~pixielake

 " I love your elephant paintings. Elephants are my favorite. I would like a price quote on the single elephant (African elephant, Mt. Kilimanjaro)" - Michelle Hall.

" I just wanted to tell you your paintings of the tigers are just awesome. Hopefully some day I will be blessed and be able to own a bunch of them. Thanks for the wonderful art. " - Kathie 22/1/99

"Hi Your work is incredible!!!!" - Becky. Check out Becky's wildlife and fantasy art site at: http://www.wildlife-fantasy.com

" Your paintings are beautiful and so real to life.  They look like photographs. I've just started learning about painting wildlife and your paintings are a real inspiration." - Nancy Stevens 26/1/99

" Are these your actual own paintings? How much do They go for? - Heidi Lieb 26/1/99

" Found your web site and think your art work is fantastic. My wife and I are looking for a wildlife print. What is available of "Spring Fever" (fox). Pricing info? - Brian Manthey 30/1/99

"I recently stumbled upon your paintings online and I would just like to take a minute to tell you how absolutely enthralled I am not only with your talent, but your love of painting. I have always been fascinated with Cheetahs, Lions and Tigers and greatly enjoyed these paintings especially. Perhaps I will look into buying one of your exquisite pieces of artwork. Keep up the good work." - Beth 10/2/99

" Your paintings are lovely. How large are they? What is the price range? I particulary liked the cheetahs and leopards. Do you have any prints? - Susan 18/2/99

" I have just visited your web site and was amazed at the wonderful oil on canvas wildlife paintings. My parents own a tiger sanctuary with various other big cats, on the Isle of Wight so I would be interested in prices for all the wildlife paintings." - Emma Corney 19/2/99

 " Fantastic site !!!!!!! I visited your site and viewed nearly every original work of yours in the Wildlife section. I thoroughly enjoy your work and am interested in pricing on a few pieces: - Miles Cummings 21/2/99

"Hi David. I just picked up the leopard and I am very happy! I was quite anxious as I opened it, and I felt like a kid at Christmas!  But, like most kids - I was delighted! I am definitely interested in additional purchases and in all your new work". - Shelley Thayer 12/3/99

" David, the painting arrived yesterday.  My wife and I are both very pleased.  It is a beautiful painting and is everything we anticipated.  We will enjoy it for years to come.  Thank you for everything." - Jeff Johnson 12/3/99

" David, Painting arrived Wednesday all safe and sound, very pleased with it." - Allan Douglas 18/3/99.

"Hi David. The tiger arrived yesterday, THANKS, it's beautiful!  - Nancy Vandermey 24/3/99

" Your paintings are GORGEOUS!   I just love them all!  Wish I could paint at least half that good!" - Forrest and friends 25/3/99

"Dear Mr.Stribbling, please find enclosed cheque for the lovely painting of "Blackjack". I received it yesterday afternoon and my family and myself are all extremely pleased with it. Thank you very much" - Sarah Lawrence 31/3/99

" Just a note to congratulate you on your work!!  Your art is absolutely the most realistic I have ever seen!   And I know, I volunteer at an exotic feline sanctuary every weekend, so I see the spectacular animals up close.I just hope someday I can purchase one of your paintings.  I have lookedfor soooo long to find tiger art. (original).  Keep up the awsome work!!!" - Mindy Brown 14/4/99

 " Dear Dave, The absolutely gorgeous painting arrived today. Thank you for putting it on eBay. I will leave positive feedback. Regards, Guy" - Guy Sbar 21/4/99

" Hi David , I received the oil paintings yesterday and they are magnificent. The paintings  almost look like photographs. If it is no secret could you email your  painting technique." - Stan Goldhaft 21/4/99

"Dear David, I think your paintings are wonderful, you are very talented, it was a real pleasure to be able to visit your site. I am an artist from Seattle, Washington and have recently started wildlife painting, mainly wild cats." - JoDee 5/5/99

 " David, the tiger pictures are so beautiful.. I am a big lover of the big cats. My home displays these beautiful animals. I also had a Tiger tatooed on my stomach. Thanks for sharing. " - Patty 6/5/99

" David, Your work is incredible! It looks like you can feel the fur. The single animals are great, but when you add two or more animals together and their relationship-----just awesome. How long does it take you to do a pet portrait?" - Lisa Tireman 7/5/99

"Hiya David, have just been into your website..superb pictures...up to now.have just collected David Shepherd Prints..........but love your originals........." - Chris Mack 12/5/99

 " Dear David, I am truly stunned by the beauty of your wildlife paintings. The attention to detail is amazing. The picture of my daughter is incredibly striking. " - Tom Pomerory 22/5/99

" Hi from Vermont USA. I too am an artist who paints animals of all sorts from cows to horses and mostly dogs. If there is a hair out of place it's in the painting. Also detail is my type of work ,in watercolor. Yourwork is beautiful and so wonderful how you capture life in general. The pets you do are so realistic. Good luck ". Sheila 10/6/99

" Thanks, David, Sorry I didn't write sooner but I misplaced your email address. AWESOME is all I can say. It is my favorite, and my son's favorite too. It is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks and I will buy again.Talk to you later. " Debi 16/7/99

" WOW some absolutely stunning pictures, I thought some were pictures.I wish I could buy one." - Keith Harris 20/7/99

" David, The work you have done is beautiful. The first piece I had the joy of seeing was on Jumble's page, elephant. It is spectacular. I love art and someday am going to write and illustrate children's books. Great work, I hope my illustrations can make such an impression on the hearts of children as your paintings have on mine. Thank you for the creations, Rebecca" - 23/8/99

" Dear David, I just found your website and wanted to say that I love your work. I have a pet corgi, so I was especially thrilled at seeing the beautiful corgi portrait. I am sure that your prices are probably way out of my league, but I just wanted you to know I enjoyed seeing some of your work! Thanks for sharing it. Carol Goshorn, Warrenton, VA USA. - 23/8/99

" I visited your web site on no less than six occasions last week, and was totally transfixed by the accuracy and detail of your work. I do a lot of animal and bird paintings, mainly in watercolour and pastel, but your work has given me the inspiration to tackle a swimming tiger in oils on 23" x 16" canvas. I'm sure it will take me some time to complete it, maybe weeks, but I just had to let you know that your work has for me been a real inspiration." - Tony Channing 23/8/99

" Brilliant amazed at this wonderful work. Wish I could do half as well Thought they were photographs. If I wasn't unemployed I would buy one." - Tony. 18/9/99

" dear David, found your site thought it was beautiful, so much work, can you e.mail me all details. thank you" - Beryl Gatward. 18/9/99

" Hi, Your paintings are GREAT!! They should be on display in a gallery where people could go and see them." - Elliot Crosier 25/9/99

" Hi David My Name is tina Marie Im a Leo born 1975. I have loved big cats ever since I can remember. I've been in your site its wonderful, better than that. Its my favorite place to go to see my beauties." ~ Tina Marie 17/10/99