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" WOW!!! YOUR ART WORK IS FANTASTIC!!!" Loxi Sibley, USA 21/10/99

" Hello , I have just been looking at your art ,and I am speachless here. They are incredible, how you can paint the expressions and the sparkle in the animals eyes .I am an amateur artist, self taught....and I am about to find my own style. I love to paint sunsets in a sort of abstract way etc etc . Well I must say again that I am very impressed by your art ... Sincerely Ann from Sweden " ~ 30/10/99

" Dear Mr. Stribbing, My name is Alison and I am a sixth form art student at Bexley Grammar school in Welling, Kent. For my major art project I am looking at lions in art, and I greatly admire the paintings that you have done. I am writing to ask you if you would mind me mentioning you in my project, and replicating (or rather trying to) some of your pictures in my project. I would also be very grateful if you could let me know if you have any publications (eg catalogues) of your paintings. Thankyou very much. Yours sincerely Alison Muffitt" ~ 30/10/99

" Dear Sir: I ran across your art quite by accident, just looking around for wildlife art on the internet. Such beautiful work you do. I've just spent a fascinating half hour viewing your web site. May I respectfully request the price of the fox painting "Ready to Run", and the wolf called simply "Timber Wolf". Thank you P.Reed" - 7/11/99

" Your fox paintings are beautiful - can you give me an idea if the price please? Many thanks, Julie Chew"- 7/11/99

" Hi David, The painting is absolutely beautiful. Terrie is thrilled...doubly so for having gotten it at such a bargain price! Thank you again for your cooperation in handling this transaction so smoothly."Greg & Terrie 21/11/99

" Hi David, I was admiring your work, great pieces in your collection!!! Some of the best I have ever seen!!! I will keep your site listed in my favorites to view your updates.Keep up the GREAT work.Kim St. Petersburg, Florida" 23/12/99

 " My name is Ereni,I am 13 and I live on the Gold Coast in Australia. I found your site while looking at Loadstar's Lair. When I looked through the artwork section, I found your work. It is quite exquisite, so amazing that I could not tell if they were real pictures, or pieces of artwork. When I looked closely, I realized that it was artwork,and fantastic artwork at that. I have to commend you on your wonderful work.Good on you!!!I myself absolutely ADORE tigers. Almost everything in my room is tiger oriented, along with a few canvas paintings of tigers.Do you like tigers?I am told that I have great talent in the field of art (not bragging!), and I chose to do art this year at school. I hope that someday, I will be able to do artwork like yours. I have drawn three pictures of tigers, all of which I must admit are pretty good.I hope I do not sound like I am bragging, but those three drawings won me prizes in art competitions. If its not too much trouble, could you please give me a few tips for my future artwork?" Ereni W. ~ 18/1/00

" Dear David- George and I received the two tiger paintings today. They are absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!! Your ability to capture the beauty of the animals is truly astounding. We are so pleased. We will be contacting you in the future for several commissioned pieces. Our sincerest thanks- Terry and George" ~ 20/1/00

" Hi I am a student in Maryland and I really admire your work and i visit your website all the time. I was wondering if I could put a tiger paintingon my webpage (giving you due credit and such) I will put up a link to your page if you let me." ~ Sarah 6/2/00

" Dear David: this is the second painting of yours that I have purchased, and I am thrilled beyond words. The other one is now beautifully framed and is proudly displayed in my home." ~ Gail Bowen 6/2/00

" My wife and I really like the painting you did for us. Please put us on your mailing list for any future pictures. We are having it framed within the next two weeks. Once some of guests see this I'm sure to get you more business". ~ Don Reilly 11/2/00

"The painting was brought round on Saturday and we absolutely love it!!! It's off to the framers this week and hopefully will be hanging on a wall before month's end." ~ Lesley Lekawa 13/3/00

"Hi, I love your site because my favorite animals are leopards, Jaguars, and wolves. I hope you come out with some new paintings of them soon. You paint really good." ~ Catlover 4/4/00

"Dear David, Have just visited your website and think your paintings are incredible! (read the item in the local newspaper)" ~ Lilian 21/4/00.

After reading the article about you in the local paper 'The Reporter' (Leyland), I thought that I would take a look at your Website. It was a delightful experience. I wish that I could produce paintings as good as yours. I have only recently started painting myself, and like you have created my own site with my attempts so far. ( Good luck with sales, your site is sure to impress many people. Shirley Taylor. ~ 21/4/00

"Dear David Congratulations on a wonderful web-site and some fantastically detailed paintings. I had come across it via your article in 'The Citizen' newspaper and has caused much interest in our household !! " ~ Dave Copes 24/4/00

" Received the wonderful painting. We love it. Can't wait to get i t framed and will use it here in Denver. Do you do anything besides tigers? We want another painting for our house in California. Thanks so much. Betty and Bob" ~ 25/5/0

" Received paintings and they are truly wonderful. Thxs greatly. Carole" ~ 3/6/00

" I have just been looking at your Tiger paintings on your web site and I just wanted to say that I think they are absolutely beautiful. Keep up the great work! All the best, Irene" ~ 5/7/00

" Hello David, The paintings arrived safely today and we LOVE them. They are wonderful! Thank you so much for the work on the paintings themselves and the great packing too. Will look forward to seeing more of your work. Keep in touch. Warm regards, Martha" 25/8/00

" Dear David..The Racoon painting arrived safe and sound today, and I want to tell you that the eBay picture of him didn't do him justice. He is just wonderful. We love him so much, and we will treasure him always. You are an amazingly talented artist. I hope that someday soon the whole world appreciates you like we do Thank you so much.Nancy" ~ Nancy Easton 31/10/00

" Dear David ,I have just been on your Web site and was completely amazed at how you have captured the tiger when I first saw them I was sure that they where a photograph. You have also captured their personalities in the pictures. I am definatetly a fan of yours now and thank you for painting the magnificent animals.Your gratefull Tara Callow ~ 7/11/00

Sorry I haven't updated this page for a while, but I had to save this e-mail from Anni Jones: WOW>>>>> WOW........... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all I can say! I will treasure this painting! what incredible detail! I can't wait to pay off the leopard painting and see it! Oh yea........If you haven't guessed by now...I received the painting today!!!! I am completely amazed. Thank You for making this affordable...because I know you could charge a lot more and easily get it from people! Thanks again!!! Anni WOW! (I think she liked it! - thanks Anni) ~ 15th Feb 2001.







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