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  The Wildlife Art of David Stribbling


My reference photos cd now available to buy!

After many request over the years I have now decided to release a CD of my own reference photographs for use by other artists. A unique opportunity to buy my own photographs taken specifically to be used as as reference for my oil paintings. . This is the first time I have ever released a collection of my own photographs which are completely royalty free. You may use them for absolutely any purpose without any further permission for a one-off price of $34. The only requirement is that a simple credit is given whenever the photos or their useage appear on a webpage ie "reference photo David Stribbling."

The "David Stribbling Collection Volume 1" comprises 240 high resolution photos in jpeg format, all taken by me either in the field in Africa or in wildlife parks. Each photo is between 4 and 6mb. The CD contains amazing photos of tigers, leopards, lions, jaguars, birds, elephants, giraffes, zebra,warthogs, wild dogs, wolves, hippos, meekats, antelope and more.These are some of my own photos that I have used to create my wildlife art over the last 25 years and shown here are just a few of the 240 photos on the disc. Please note there will be no fancy cover art or labelling on the disc but each photo will have a title to identify the animal. Shipping is free world-wide. Please email any questions, thank you.

$34 Free shipping world-wide (£21.50 UK)